Diamond Jubilee Chorus is proud to have the following quartets associated with our chorus.  We endorse all of them as excellent singers and entertainers, suitable for any occasion...

Lipstick Scoundrels

Lipstick Scoundrels

Lipstick Scoundrels
The Lipstick Scoundrels were founded as a Sweet Adelines International Quartet in 2012 by Jennifer Davis (Bass), Christine Pirot (Bari), Brigette Hunter Small (Lead) and Amanda Hunter Milliman (Tenor). 

In 2019, Brigette and Amanda stepped away to raise their little ones and Christine and Jenny welcomed Nancy Appel (Tenor) and Christie Scheiderich (Bari) of Scioto Valley Chorus. 

Calling themselves professional hobby singers, they sing everything from barbershop standards to Disney to classic rock and musicals. 

Lipstick Scoundrels loves to share their music and is available for booking. 

LipstickScoundrels@gmail.com for more information. 
General public contact: Jennifer Davis
State: Ohio

Classic Connection

Classic Connection
Inspired by their experience in quartet singing for many years, this
four-some came up with their name.
All four are members of Sweet Adelines, International as well as the local
chapter of Sweet Adelines, Diamond Jubilee.
Being from Westchester, Middletown, Centerville and Springfield, Ohio, this
quartet loves rehearsing and putting together music in the true barbershop
Singing the lead part is Rochelle, Myra is on bass, Kay is on tenor and the
glue for our sound is produced by Lynn.
We are available for your event and would love to come and share our music.
For Booking:
General public contact: Kay Seymour
State: OH

Change of Heart

Change of Heart
Change of Heart is pleased to be celebrating our 30th anniversary as a quartet (although none can imagine how that happened since no one’s over 40).  We are 3 parts from the Indianapolis, IN area, and 1 part from Huntington, WV so we travel often to SE Ohio for practice and coaching. We are proud members of Diamond Jubilee Chorus as well as the directors of River Magic (SAI, WV), Harmony Magic (HI, IN), and Covered Bridge Harmony (HI, IN). Our website is changeofheartquartet.org , our Facebook page is changeofheartquartet, and to contact us, email contact@changeofheartquartet.org .
General public contact: Susan Spencer
State: OH